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How To Find Good Freight Brokers

It’s a problem that many small or mid-sized trucking companies run into constantly. How can you find good freight brokers — ones that will pay a good rate, and pay on time? Every dispatcher knows the feeling: Scanning the load board and seeing a list of only unfamiliar or questionable brokers. And yet sometimes you have no choice. Your driver needs to get home, and he or she is in an area where there simply aren’t many options. So you take a load that you aren’t sure about.

There are many things you can do to find out about freight brokers. The load board might have some information about how the broker pays its bills. Or you might be able to piece together some authority or bond information about freight brokers FMCSA Licensing information. You might even ask around to see what other truckers say about a company. But load boards aren’t always able to put together complete information, and the FMCSA won’t tell you you days to pay. Asking around won’t always give you a reliable picture.

Transportation Funding Group Can Help

If you’ve looked around our website, you know we’re a factoring company. And you’ve seen that we can help you speed up your cash flow like we have hundreds of trucking companies over the years. But that isn’t all we do. Our goal is to do whatever we can to help our carriers be financially healthy. So we also try to provide useful credit information about freight brokers and shippers before a carrier moves a load.

Transportation Funding Group has more than 20 years’ experience with freight brokers large, medium, and small, and we can tell you what our carriers’ experience with a particular broker has been. And since new freight brokerages appear all the time, we’ve got the resources and research to investigate companies that we haven’t worked with before, and tell you whether it makes sense to accept a load or not. And if a carrier of ours moves a load for an otherwise good freight broker, but we’re still having problems collecting, we’ll do whatever it takes to get paid, and if that means putting together a bond filing against a freight broker, we can do that too.

So even if you aren’t sure whether you need cash flow help, give us a call. Though we are a factoring company, we’ll also help you with more than just improving cash flow.