Transportation Funding

What Makes Us Different

There are several things about us that set us apart from other factoring companies. Click the arrows below to learn what you can expect from us that you won’t always find from other factors:

Our experienced staff knows the industry

Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced -- many of our employees have been working in the factoring industry for 30 years or more. If you have a question about your account with us, a broker, the payment status of an invoice, a question about a bond, insurance, authority, or anything else, everyone in our office will be able help you get the information you need, or get you in touch with someone who can -- and you won't have to wait on hold forever.

We keep our fees low and our advances high

All our carriers receive the best possible rate we can give. When we calculate the fee we charge, we look at your company, the particular sector of the freight industry you're in, and the specific customers that you haul for, so that we can make sure that the amount we're charging is as low as we possibly can go.

We like long-term relationships, not long-term contracts

We believe in earning your business each month, so we operate based on a monthly service agreement, rather than a long-term contract. Our average carrier has been with us for more than 68 months, even though we've required anything more than a month-to-month contract. You won't get that at very many other factoring companies.

You'll always have access to credit information

With TFG on your side, you'll know which brokers or customers are a good fit for you. We're always available to let you know whether a particular load looks like a good risk or not. We have 25 years of credit experience, so the odds are we'll know if a particular customer is a safe bet. And even if we haven't worked with a particular broker before, we've got the resources to give you credit information before you book a load.

Collecting freight invoices is our job

Our experienced collections staff provides collection services on all invoices you send to us, so you can focus on your next load. And if you're currently handling collections in-house, and want to continue to do so, then feel free to use our collections staff as a partner. We love tracking down difficult-to-collect payments, and we're good at it! And if there's a broker that absolutely won't pay, or is out of business, we'll take care of filing a claim on the broker bond for you.


If you haven't picked up on it yet, we don't like throwing curveballs. What you see is what you get from us. We'll never charge surprise fees, we'll never require you to jump through hoops, and if there's a billing or payment issue, we'll let you know as soon as we learn about it.

Flat rate, one-time discounts

Our fees never change no matter how long it takes us to collect. We've heard that many factoring companies don't do that; they'll quote you a fee, but fail to mention that if the invoice takes longer than 30 days to collect, the fee goes up. That doesn't seem particularly straightforward to us. Our theory is, if you know ahead of time exactly how much it will cost you to factor an invoice, you won't have to play guessing games with your accounting after an invoice is paid.

No minimum volumes or customer requirements

It's very simple: If you have a customer that pays you quickly enough, we won't make you factor that customer's invoices. We aren't going to force you to factor something you don't need to factor.

And don't worry if your business is small, or if you only have a few customers per month you'd want to factor with us. When we say we don't require minimum volumes, we mean it. (Again, you may not find quite as good a deal at other factoring companies!)

No application fees

This one doesn't need much explanation. If you're on the fence about factoring, filling out an application won't cost you anything but a little time. Contact us today to learn how.

Fuel Card flexibility and discounts

Use our fuel card to give your drivers immediate access to cash and discounts on fuel. We'll route your settlement funds to your fuel card account if you choose. The goal is getting money to your drivers quickly, and we can help with that.

Contact us today to learn more or to apply for factoring