Transportation Funding

Why Factor With TFG?

At TFG, our goal is to do things a bit differently from other factoring companies. Many of our competitors focus only on the bottom line, and we can’t entirely blame them; the factoring industry can be just as risky and difficult as running a freight-hauling business. But we’ve learned that the key to success — both for us and for our carriers — is through building long-lasting relationships with our carriers. And because all good relationships start with honesty, we’ll never focus on our bottom line at the expense of your business.

Take a look around our website. If you’re still not sure about what exactly we do, check out our overview on factoring. You can get a summary of our approach to factoring by reading about what we do differently. Or you can read about our daily invoicing and settlement process. If you want to hear what our carriers say about us, you can read what they have to say here.

If you need a source of funding for your freight company, consider using the services of Transportation Funding Group, and give us a call today.

"When searching for cash flow help we looked at more than 70 different factoring companies before choosing. Our decision was the right one: TFG has been factoring our bills for 7 years, and with no regrets. We have a solid business relationship with them that we value highly. We find them reliable with secure data systems and very transparent in their accounting. This is a company that is very adaptive; they provide excellent service."

Andrew C.
Blaine, WA