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Freight Bill Factoring

Factoring your freight bills is simple:  Haul the freight, send your completed freight bill to TFG, get paid immediately! What could be simpler?

Billing Procedures are easy. We run your Settlement Report after purchasing your bills. We send your money by the method that you choose. TFG performs all Collections Follow-up.  We help you keep your company financially healthy.  You pay a low fee and get a high advance rate.  All of this under a monthly Service Agreement that won’t hold you hostage.  This is just what your trucking company needs.

Call us at 1-800-705-3863 to learn more. Getting set up takes just a couple of days and then you can look forward to smooth and predictable cash flow.

The History of Factoring

The term Factoring (as a means of financing) dates back more than 1,000 years.  Factoring grew more organized and by the 1400s European merchants were hiring Factors as agents to bring spices back to Europe from the Far East.  Frequently members of families would work together in transporting of goods and spices.  Together they would form a coalition as factoring agents working on behalf of merchants.  The factoring agents wanted to employ someone trustworthy to help cover the long distances involved in trade with China, so fathers, sons, and brothers would work together to fulfill their obligations to the European merchants while minimizing the risk.

Factoring has become a very popular and widespread means of financing freight bills.  Trucking companies have been relying upon factoring since the 1940s, and today there are many companies providing factoring services to the trucking industry.  Transportation Funding Group has been helping truckers stay on the road since 1995.

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"Transportation Funding Group is an outstanding company that is always professional and ready to meet our company’s financial needs. My interaction with their representatives always exceeds my expectations. They are on time with purchases and always available to help with whatever needs arise, their rates are fair and better than most, and they are always looking for ways to improve on everything they do. Transportation Funding Group works very hard to help small businesses like mine survive in this ever-changing economy and strives for perfection."

Jorge F.
Miami, FL