Transportation Funding
Improve Your Cash Flow

Transportation Funding Group helps you improve your cash flow. We buy your completed freight bills and pay you immediately. This immediate access to funding allows you to meet payroll, fuel, and repairs more easily.

Transportation Funding
Benefit From Experience

Transportation Funding Group has been helping the trucking industry with its financing needs since 1995.  We understand your challenges and the difficulties of running your business.  

Transportation Funding
Peace of Mind

When you use Transportation Funding Group you take a proactive step in the management of your business.  Instead of waiting each day for checks to arrive in the mail, you eliminate the guesswork and can focus your attention on trucking.  

A straightfoward, honest approach to freight finance

Transportation Funding Group, Inc. finances freight bills for trucking companies nationwide. Our carriers range in fleet size from one truck to more than 100 trucks, with carriers who move a wide variety of freight: dry, hopper, flatbed, specialized, dirt and oil field freight, and more.

Flexibility and simplicity are the keys to our success and yours. We charge a one-time discount fee that’s simple and straightforward. We won’t make you submit freight bills for customers that you don’t want to factor. We won’t require you to submit a certain minimum volume per month. We won’t make you sign a long-term contract with us. You can expect that approach in everything we do.

If you’d like to learn more about factoring, take a look around this site, send us a note or give us a call at 1-800-705-3863 today.

"When searching for cash flow help we looked at more than 70 different factoring companies before choosing. Our decision was the right one: TFG has been factoring our bills for 7 years, and with no regrets. We have a solid business relationship with them that we value highly. We find them reliable with secure data systems and very transparent in their accounting. This is a company that is very adaptive; they provide excellent service."

Andrew C.
Blaine, WA