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The Advantages of Billing Services

Everyone knows that time is a precious commodity. You juggle your time, do your work and juggle your responsibilities, hoping that there will be enough time to get everything done. For many trucking companies, one of the things that sucks up lots of time each week is invoice and bill preparation. Many small trucking companies find that they would take advantage of an outside billing service if it’s reliable and priced right. In response to this need, Transportation Funding Group has developed a low-cost billing service.

Transportation Funding Group recently completed the development of a QuickBooks-based billing system that we use to help our carriers generate and process billing. It’s simple: just submit your paperwork to TFG and we’ll assemble the paperwork and produce a professional-looking invoice. Your billing is then processed on the factoring side immediately, so that you have access to your cash flow as soon as possible, instead of later, once you’ve found time to do your weekly billing.

With this billing service, you get back the time that you have been spending on bill preparation. You can devote yourself to your other responsibilities — dispatch, customer relations, actually driving — instead of grinding through your billing each week. Just send us your trip tickets and supporting documents, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We charge on a per-invoice basis, and our rates are low. There is no long-term contract and you get complete flexibility. Call TFG at 1-800-705-3863 to learn more.