Transportation Funding

Factoring Fuel Cards

Transportation Funding Group has teamed with EFS/TCHEK to give you a fuel card option that makes sense.

With the TFG TCHEK Fuel card you can manage your cash flow, provide your drivers with fuel and cash options, and tightly control advances and limits so you can stay on top of your finances.  Drivers obtain fuel at truck stops and cardlocks across the U.S.  With TCHEK you get universal acceptance at ALL major stops and many independents.  You maintain control of the account online or via the toll-free phone access of your account.

Cash on the Card Option allows you to advance funds instantly to drivers 24 hours of the day.  You can also access ATM’s so your drivers have the convenience they need when they need it.

Express Cash can be used for brokered loads, roadside emergencies, lumper fees or other unexpected expenses that arise.

The TFG TCHEK Fuel card also allows for the collection of fuel tax information and Log Audit services which help you comply with state and federal requirements as well as uncovering potential fraud, should it occur.

Ask about the TCHEK Permitting program too!  No more waiting on the phone to order a permit.  Order online and save time and trouble.

When you send your bills to TFG you tell us how much of each settlement you want to put in your TCHEK account.  We transfer the funds directly into your account and you will have immediate access to those funds to purchase fuel, repairs, driver advances, or whatever you may need.

Fuel discounts are available at T/A truck stops.  Up to five cents per gallon can help save you money at the pump.

You may also choose to pay your drivers payroll each week with the TCHEK direct deposit option.

Call us at 1-800-705-3863 to learn more about our factoring fuel cards.

"TFG has played a big role in the success of our company. We are in our 13th year working together. Great company and great people!!"

Mike A.
Crossville, TN