Here’s how it works:

  • 1

    You send bills.

    Most of our carriers send us their invoices by email, but some prefer US Mail or UPS/Fedex. Our carriers send us invoices as often as they like -- daily, weekly, or otherwise.
  • 2

    We buy bills.

    Once we receive your freight bills and bill paperwork we process them in our system. This happens each morning, and we try to have all our daily bills processed by noon.
  • 3

    We pay you.

    After all your bills have been processed, we pay you for them. We can send money via Same-Day Wire, ACH, Express Check, and other methods of payment transfer.
  • 4

    We bill your customers.

    After we've processed your bills and paid you for them, we send them along to your customers, along with a notice that payment should be made to us. We'll follow up with them if we need to.
  • 5

    We process a settlement report.

    On days you send us bills, we'll email you a report showing (1) the bills we purchased (2) payments we've received from your customers since the last settlement, and (3) any other activity in your account with us.