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About Transportation Funding Group

Transportation Funding Group was formed in 1995 to assist small trucking companies with their cash flow needs.  Since that time we have worked with thousands of carriers and shippers purchasing bills, collecting payments, helping to keep freight moving and trucks rolling.

One of our carriers described Transportation Funding Group as the “best kept secret in financing”.  Trucking companies appreciate our low-key approach.  Carriers would rather have stability and predictability instead of a lot of flash.  TFG is focused on how we can help trucking companies meet their cash flow needs more easily.  This way of thinking has helped establish TFG as a leader in customer satisfaction.

If you are seeking a source of funding for your trucking company, consider using the services of Transportation Funding Group.  We will work with you to develop an excellent working relationship that you can rely on to help your company grow.

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"Transportation Funding Group is an outstanding company that is always professional and ready to meet our company’s financial needs. My interaction with their representatives always exceeds my expectations. They are on time with purchases and always available to help with whatever needs arise, their rates are fair and better than most, and they are always looking for ways to improve on everything they do. Transportation Funding Group works very hard to help small businesses like mine survive in this ever-changing economy and strives for perfection."

Jorge F.
Miami, FL